Wednesday, April 05, 2006

System Upgrade!!

We are proud to present the latest upgrade to the Schmoopy Brewery! It's a 10 gallon behemoth, the B3-1000 Brew Sculpture from Beer, Beer and More Beer. With three 170,000 BTU burners this thing gets moving quickly. It stands about 7.5' tall, but there is no need for a pump since at this height everything flows by gravity.

Other upgrades include a Magnetic Stir Plate and other miscellaneous equipment for yeast storage and propogation. For 10 gallons of wort, you need a lot of yeast!! Just ask Mr. Malty!

With these upgrades we can brew 10 gallons at a time; more than enough to hold me over once the Baby comes. And, we can still do 5gal if we want, which is great for experimenting with new recipes. I can drink and give away 5 gallons of iffy beer... but 10?