Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Update on Poor Ricky... And other news.

Poor Ricky
This one is finished and on tap at the bar (my unfinished basement keggerator that is)! It turned out very nice. A little more molasses than I wanted but a good flavor nonetheless. The neighbors like it, and the alcohol level makes for a friendly get together :)

In other news, we won some awards at two competitions since my last post:
2006 War of the Worts XI - Iron Hill Brewery in Montgomeryville, PA:
-1st place for our Classic American Pilsner - Hanging Possum Pilsner (recipe by Charlie Papzian)
-1st place for our Belgian Wit Beer - Garden 'Ho
2006 Drunk Monk Challenge - Aurora IL:
-2nd place for our Belgian Wit Beer - Garden 'Ho

We haven't entered anything recently, but the Buzz Off is coming up in June and we're still brewing!

On Deck
Schmoopy Dark - and Amber Lager
Phat Tyre - My signature Beer

Funky Monk - Belgian Dubbel
Schmoopy's Oatmeal Stout

In secondary fermentation:
Schmoopyfest - Oktoberfest lagering in the freezer
Schmoopy's Nutty Brown - Nut Brown Ale

Upcomming Brew Schedule
Lisa and I will be having a Baby in late June, so the schedule is aggressive. I need to have enough on tap while we transition to parenthood...
-April 9th - Garden 'Ho/WitBerry - 10gal, 5gal of which will have Raspberry added!
-April 23rd - Patriot Pale Ale - 5gal of An American Pale Ale, classic American Malts and Hops!
-April 30th - Phat Tyre - 10gal of my mainstay Belgian Pale Ale..mmmmmm!
-May 14th - 1447 - My approximation of New Belgium Brewery's 1554 Brussels Black. I've been working on this one for over 6 months. We've gotten close, and hopefully we'll hit it this time!
-May 21st - Garden Garden 'Ho 'Ho (AKA The Stuttering Ho') - Seeing Double? You will be! It's a Double Wit - much higher gravity version of our award wining Wit Beer!
-May 28th - Schmoopy Blond - No we didn't misspell that one. This is a Belgian Blond Ale, pale in color and a little more modest in Belgian fruittiness to let more malt come through.
-June 4th - Schmmopy's Special Bitter - An English Special Bitter that is a bit lower in Alcohol and easy to drink. A nice session beer.
-June 11th - Hanging Possum Pilsner - THE Lawn Mower Beer. This one will be ready just in time for the Dog Days of Summer.